protecting your website is of the utmost importance

Traffic Protector offers a level of security and notification that is absolutely vital for any website owner.

Traffic Protector is a
highly effective web tool

that offers website owners immediate notifications
if their server is down, if there is a malware injection
on the site or if there is a major outage in the
website’s traffic.

Traffic Protector
utilizes both SMS and e-mail

to provide up-to-date information, and an immediate
response protocol. Our expertise in HTML, Wordpress, Magento,
Drupal, Jekyll and other platforms helps clients throughout
the world avoid and solve serious website outages.

blacklist monitor

24-hour monitoring means
that if any malware injection
is detected, you are notified

server monitor

If you are concerned about
the service of your server
provider, you will know at once
if there is a problem.

traffic monitor

Traffic Protector monitors your
visitor flow to your website.
Once it sees an unusual decrease
due to a drop in SEO or paid traffic
it will notify you immediately.

sms notifications

Whether you’re at the movies,
in bed or working hard, Traffic
Protector will send a message
directly to your mobile device.
Simple setup and easy to use.



get sms notifications

Website owners get hundreds of e-mails a day, most
of them newsletters, boring notices and the like.

Being able to immediately know the difference between
an e-commerce advertisement and a note about your website
being injected with malicious malware can be difficult.

At Traffic Protector, our team utilizes SMS text to contact
owners at once should there be any server malfunction,
malware infection, significant traffic drop off or other problem.


Chan W.

I was furious when my phone started
vibrating at 2:00 AM, only to realize my
website had crashed. We contacted
the host company and immediately had
things back up and running fast.
Thanks Traffic Protector!

John H.

I was about to eat dinner when I got
a text messaging letting me know
about a Malware attack. Without
Traffic Protector, my business would
have been sunk. Instead, we were
back online in no-time.

Jennifer S.

Thanks to Traffic Protector alerts,
I was able to know and respond
to a down server in minutes. I can’t
believe I ever lived without them.

blacklist monitor

Internet Browsers and AntiVirus software
blacklists thousands of websites every day,
in most cases because hackers have
injected harmful and malicious malware
onto their websites.

Traffic Protector offers this feature in order
to check every major search engine and
blacklisting service. We work with over
60 malware databases to ensure the
fastest notification possible.

As a result of being blacklisted, no one can
get onto a website
until the owner removes
the malware, submits a request to the
search engine and the search engine
then removes the site from the blacklist.

Results of being blacklisted are catastrophic,
including loss of revenue,
a damaged reputation and a high chance
of infecting other customers.

This is a growing problem as hackers are attracted to the millions
of new websites which may not have updated security protocols.

Just using WordPress, Joomla or other frameworks may not offer the right
protection, and your web hosting company may not be able to stop it either.

server monitors

Ideally, you want to know immediately
if there is a problem and Traffic Protector
can do just that

You can get a notification to your phone
and e-mail right away
, giving you fair
warning to contact your website hosting
company and get the site back online
immediately. This will cut down on lost

With Traffic Protector, you get
full and complete protection for
24-hour notification

Hundreds of customers have thanked
us for saving them thousands, even
tens of thousands of cold hard $$$.
And there a range of price packages
to fit your budget!

traffic monitors

You go out for dinner, come back home and
check your visitor stats and see there is a huge
decrease in traffic
. What happened!?

There are plenty of reasons why there
is suddenly no traffic to your web property.
It may be that there is a sudden drop
in your SEO ranking or one of your paid traffic
sources hit its daily budget.

None of those reasons will be unnoticed with
the help of our Traffic Monitor
. Once you are
not seeing traffic for a predefined time range
we will notify you via SMS and Email.

No matter what you intend as your
monetization goal, you are always
dependent on your visitors
. No visitors
to your website equals to a loss of revenue
for you. Think about the opportunity cost of
not getting traffic for several hours.

Traffic Protector will save you this loss
for a small monthly fee and will give you
the peace of mind that if something
happens you will be the first to know about

pricing packages

Finding a quality service and at a quality
price is hard, but Traffic Protector delivers.

See our various monthly packages and
choose which program works best for you.




Flag Monitor

Server Monitor

Traffic Monitor

Checking Frequency

SMS Included

SMS cost

Extra slots

free beta



2 minutes

free beta

free beta

free beta

Each package includes a 3-day trial with full
functionality and 10 SMS included.

You’ll only be charged $1.00 for these three days, and if you aren’t totally satisfied
with the service, you can cancel your membership in that three day period
and won’t be charged another dollar.

top four reasons
you need traffic defender


Your business cannot afford any downtime. In quite possibly the most competitive market in history, losing money is not an option.

Reduce downtime by investing in a service which is on your side even when you’re asleep!


Automating your workflow can offer peace of mind and more opportunities to do the work you want to do. Let Traffic Protector solve your monitoring challenges.


Traffic Protector allows you to choose multiple individuals to get notifications of potential problems.

Your hosting company, your web developer, your business partner and your IT team can all get instant updates on any problems with web traffic, Malware Injections, Server problems and more.


Traffic Protector is easy as 1-2-3. 1. Add your URL to the system and fill contact details to receive notifications. 2. Place the JavaScript snippet on your page (optional). 3.Let Traffic Protector do the rest!

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